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[To] foster the principles of unity and cooperation among the colored musicians of Erie County, N.Y.; to develop and promote the civic, social, recreational and physical well-being of its members; to improve and enhance the professional and economic status of its members; to stimulate its members to greater musical expression; to encourage and develop a fuller appreciation of music on the part of its members and the public; and generally to unite its members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.


[To] serve artists by supporting the creation and presentation of new work in the visual, media, performing, and literary arts, and to serve the public by making these works available to audiences. We are dedicated in particular to work by artists which challenges and extends the traditional boundaries of the various art forms, and which is critically engaged with current issues in the arts and--through the arts--in society. Finally, we believe that the right of freedom of expression for artists, and for free access to their works by interested individuals,

.9mile collaborative


the organizations

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center’s Music Program (“Hallwalls”) and The Historic Colored Musicians Club (“The Club”) were afforded the opportunity to collaborate on a multiyear partnership to broaden each partner’s scope of live jazz concert programming through providing opportunities for growth, support, and collaborative platforms for professional musicians on today's scene.


The .9mile Collaborative effectively combines longstanding and distinct audiences of  Hallwalls and The Club, and attracts new audiences for both organizations. In hosting co-programmed events, we seamlessly broaden the aesthetic scope of both Hallwalls’ and the Club’s programming, bringing the experimental, “Free Jazz” approach for which Hallwalls is world-renowned together with the Club’s 100-year tradition which literally coincides with the entire history of the American art form known as “Jazz” in all its styles, from its inception to now.

.9mile's specific project will be production, promotion and development of annual jazz series events, workshops and recording opportunities for professionals in the industry. In the world of jazz, nothing is more important for a musician’s artistic and career development than providing a range of grass-roots opportunities for artists to grow, support one another, and work collaboratively.

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