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artist residency


what are artist residencies?

Artist residencies are unique opportunities for musicians to share technique, business, performance, and creative inspirations. Residencies include small group skill sharing by lead residents, performances, collaborative and theme-based creation of new works (including recording privileges) by all artists involved in a particular project or residency.

who can apply for a residency?

Any professional musical artist who considers jazz to be their primary genre, regardless of sub-genre. Artists must be 21 years or older and legal to work in the United States.

when do you award residencies?

Residencies will be awarded four (4) times per year, per residency type. For example, there will be 4 annual cycles for teaching artists, and 4 annual cycles for collaborative artists.

may I choose my collaborative partner(s)?

Any lead partner applicant may choose up to one (1) additional partner to join their collaborative residency thematic submission. If the application is accepted, both the lead and their collaborative partner will participate in the residency.

what is a lead partner?

In a Fellow artist residency, the lead partner is the artist completing the application and serving as award recipient with regard to skill-sharing classes, funds disbursement, and guest performance ensemble. In a collaborative artist residency, the lead partner is the artist completing the application, serving as award recipient with regard to selection of collaborative partner applicant (if any), and funds disbursement. In this case, the lead applicant holds more creative influence than the partner they( may) select, but no more than any other lead collaborative partner awardees.

who will be my partners in  a collaborative artist residency?

Any and all collaborative artist residency partners will be notified via email. For a collaborative artist residency, the number of awardees per cycle varies based on the nature of the theme and the artistic directors' visions for each thematic partnership.

can i apply for both a teaching and a collaborative residency in the same cycle?

In any given cycle, an artist may apply for either a Fellow artist residency or a collaborative artist residency--not both. When deciding which residency to apply:  Fellow artist residency applicants should consider the overall strength and quality of their ensemble's performance, their ability to skill-share, and perform at a high level consistent with the genre and/or sub-genre (if any) to which the artist belongs. Collaborative artist residency applicants should consider their overall ability to interpret a theme musically, their ability to collaborate and create extemporaneously, and perform at a high level consistent with the genre and/or sub-genre (if any) to which the artist belongs

what are award cycles?

An award "cycle" is the time between the residency application acceptance period, and the residency award period. Cycles are posted quarterly, based on a variety of themes. Collaborative artist residency themes will be posted prior to the application acceptance periods, so that artists may choose the theme that best suits their passions and interests.

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