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Hallwalls Music and the Colored Musicians Club are proud to collaborate on a multiyear partnership to expand jazz concert programming in Western New York, and further increase the scope and frequency of the genre, through providing opportunities for growth, support, and collaborative platforms for professional musical artists. The .9mile Collaborative extends its most sincere gratitude to the Cullen Foundation for its generous and unyielding support of the performing arts. In a city where the Arts thrive, they do so because of you. You make Greater Buffalo great.


Through a collaborative award from the following organizations, .9mile is afforded the flexibility to create unique alliances to showcase and share creative ideas with area residents, and the tens of thousands of visitors through new jazz performances, collaborations, works and recordings, teaching partnerships, and themed projects. 

The .9mile collaborative acknowledges that the far reaches of jazz music continuously afford musicians and artists of all kinds,the opportunity to be heard for generations. We invite you to share in giving the gift of jazz by making a contribution to secure its future in the minds of today. Donate and your sponsorship gift will allow our organizations to extend a musical hand to the future of this American music.

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